The Unique Features of a Texas Hill Country Style Home

When it comes to just about anything, Texas has a style all its own, whether it’s food, music or even architecture. You may be familiar with the more traditional styles—the ranch and Southwest homes often associated with the Lone Star State. If you’re looking to build a home that’s distinctly Texas, though, consider a Texas Hill Country Style home. Located along the Edwards Plateau in central and south Texas, the hill country is known for its gently rolling hills, its many rivers and lakes, and some of the best vineyards in the world.

What Are the Distinctive Features of a Texas Hill Country Style Home?

More than anything, the architects who created the Texas Hill Country style sought to integrate the landscape and natural resources found nearby. As a result, a Texas Hill Country home typically incorporates native hardwoods and local white limestone into the design and function of the home. The Hill Country style homes are more often two stories, allowing a better view of the sweeping vistas in all directions.

What You Can Expect in a Texas Hill Country Style Home

The Texas Hill Country style includes specific exterior and interior design elements:

  • Outside the home, you’ll typically see a number of outbuildings, which may be guest cottages, office space, a studio or simply storage. The facades often include wooden pillars and exposed rafters, and roofs are usually either metal or composition.
  • In the living space, you’ll generally see exposed wooden beams and either dark hardwoods or stone flooring. The hardwoods are commonly found in the local area and may include oak, pecan, cypress, mesquite and cedar. The Texas Hill Country Home usually has a big kitchen island, sizeable entertainment rooms and multiple fireplaces.

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