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What Is the Building Process for Your New Home?

JT & I breaks down our home building process into 10 stages, with the 10th stage being the moment you’ve been eagerly anticipating—moving into your new home. We want you to understand each stage of the process because your participation matters. In fact, it is vital for building your perfect home. Every step of the way, we focus on staying in communication with you, and through our joint effort, we can create the home you’ve envisioned.

Stage I — Introductory Meeting


During the introductory meeting, you’ll meet our team and we’ll talk about what you need and want in a home. Many people have a vision of their dream home, and we’re excited to find out what yours is. If not, we can help you create one. Feel free to bring photos from magazines, drawings or online images so we can get an idea of what you have in mind.
Stage II — Rough Estimate


The rough estimate involves two main actions. The first is discussing lender options. Choosing a preferred lender is an important aspect of the process and we’ll work with you to provide construction plans so the bank can devise what’s called a draw schedule. Throughout the construction process the bank draws money, distributing necessary funds for completing each phase of the process.

During Stage II, we also begin working on your home building plan. As part of this stage, you will sign a service agreement and provide an initial deposit of $5,000.00.

Stage III — Building Site Review


The build site is the lot where we build your home. Discussing how to position your house on the lot along with determining access to drainage, gas lines, septic system/sewer lines and other details is done at this stage. We have a builder questionnaire for you to fill out so we can gather all the necessary information. You’ll also meet with our design team to discuss the exterior and interior finishes.
Stage IV — Preliminary House Plans from the Designer


The designer devises a floor plan that incorporates the ideas for your home. Our design takes into account the best way to preserve the value and beauty of your property. While the preliminary house plan encompasses many details, it is still quite preliminary. However, it will be adequate for determining costs. After the designer completes the preliminary house plans, we can provide a more specific estimate. This stage also involves redlining changes in the floor plans and selecting all allowable items. Allowable items refer to the costs of items that had not been specified yet in complete detail.

Stage V — Dinner with the Builder



If possible, we want to treat you and yours to a dinner of your choice. Developing a good relationship with your builder is pivotal for the custom home process to go smoothly. JT & I understands the challenges you face in building a home. Anyone might find it daunting, and we make ourselves available to assist you in ironing out the details. During our dinner, we will also present you with the price quote.




At this stage, the designer has delivered the final plans, and all allowance items have been selected. You’ll receive a quote down to the dollar, and we now discuss the contract. Upon your agreement, the contract is signed. Moving forward, JT & I provides the lender with the plans and necessary documentation. The remainder of the deposit is due, and we add you to our app, a feature that enables seamless communication with us.




After receiving approval from all necessary entities, construction begins. During construction, building takes place step by step, from foundation to framework and complete layout.




After receiving approval from all necessary entities, construction begins. During construction, building takes place step by step, from foundation to framework and complete layout.


Final Walkthrough of House


The new homeowner accompanies JT & I on the final walkthrough to ensure all punchlist items have been addressed and the house is complete. During this stage, you sign off on the building process. Escrow at the Title Company closes and you receive the keys to your new home.


Move in is the moment you’ve been waiting for — the process is complete and you can begin living in your dream home.

What Our Clients Are Saying

We could not be happier with our home on Kala’s Circle. If you are looking for a builder we would highly recommend Jerrith and Jessica of JT&I Custom Homes.~ D.S.

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