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JT & I Custom Homes is a family-owned and family-run business. In fact, the inspiration for our name came from the first initials of our three sons — Jordan, Trent and Ian. Our custom home building business began as a source of extra income to finance our children’s college educations. After becoming involved with the planning and construction, we discovered that managing a project from beginning to end brought us great satisfaction. We were amazed by how inspired we felt and how much home building overshadowed the work we did in our regular jobs. Not to mention, many of our customers became friends, and seeing their faces light up with smiles as they settled into their new homes was extremely rewarding.

Within a short time, our passion for home building evolved into full time work. We began building custom homes in a business partnership. However, a few years later we decided that forming our own private, family company was an even better fit for us. Although we’ve been building homes for seven years now, each new project is a source of excitement and further inspiration.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

JT&I Custom Homes made our home building experience very enjoyable being our first custom home experience. The quality of work along with the expert design advice when making our decisions really helped turn our dreams into reality. I can not speak highly enough about the enjoyable experience that we had utilizing JT&I Custom Homes.
 ~ Jeremy Stafford

Functional Luxury Means Quality and Care

Functional luxury combines high quality building with practical features. In our opinion, nothing surpasses a home with functional convenience plus an aesthetic look and feel that matches the customer’s tastes.
At JT & I we take pride in delivering a quality product. Focusing on how the customer wants the finished product to look, we dig into all the details before the project even begins. By examining every facet, we can envision the home in its entirety. And we have the necessary skills to bring it to fruition.

As a matter of fact, customer satisfaction is our top priority. With that in mind, we’re in the process of developing a virtual program so customers will be able to see their home taking shape.

We believe a home should reflect the unique nature of the family living there. For that reason, we build on your terms, to meet your needs and provide you with a home that’s a source of convenience, comfort, luxury and enjoyment.

Building a Lasting Home

With our knowledge and your vision, we feel confident we can build the home of your dreams. Perhaps a home that could last a lifetime.
As the saying goes, “a man’s home is his castle,” and we know that your house is even more than a home. It can be a grounding influence in your life. After all, it’s where you’re raising your children, making memories, creating a lifestyle and establishing a safe haven.

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Building your home can start with a phone call. Tell us about your ideas, your preferences and your concept of a perfect home. Begin planning today. Building custom homes is our passion, and we’d love to help you build yours. You can send us an email through our contact form or call us at (409) 893-4576. Let’s talk.

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