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Texas Hill Country custom homes are on the rise. Unlike the flat plains and desert landscapes of Texas, the Texas Hill Country is known for its rolling hills and green grasslands. You’ll also find rocky outcrops, rivers, springs and underground lakes. Located in central Texas, the region is a fast growing area that has attracted people from all over the U.S. Many of them are looking to build homes and settle down.

The Hill Country extends north of San Antonio and west of Austin, containing cities such as:

  • Fredericksburg
  • New Braunfels
  • Johnson City
  • Canyon Lake
  • San Marcos
  • Blanco
  • Horseshoe Bay
  • Dripping Springs
  • Wimberley (village)

San Antonio and Austin are two of the most rapidly growing cities in the U.S. During the past few years, many Americans have left other states to live in Texas. As a result, the Hill Country has also seen rapid growth.

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JT&I Custom Homes made our home building experience very enjoyable being our first custom home experience. The quality of work along with the expert design advice when making our decisions really helped turn our dreams into reality. I can not speak highly enough about the enjoyable experience that we had utilizing JT&I Custom Homes.
 ~ Jeremy Stafford

What attracts people to the Texas Hill Country?

The Hill Country sits on the Edward Plateau. It is fed by the Edwards Aquifer and lies on a subterranean layer of rock, which stores water and has hidden underground lakes. The aquifer accounts for the green appearance, and provides water for the springs and huge old oak, ash juniper and bald cypress trees growing along the riverbanks. A warm climate and stunning views make this area a sought-after location.

For those who savor fine wine, there is no scarcity of vineyards and wineries. The region contains more than 100 wineries, producing wines that rival California’s quality of vintage.

What is the Texas Hill Country Custom Home’s architecture like?

While we can custom build any style of home to your preference, the Hill Country does have its own signature style of architecture. Unlike the flat, sprawling ranches of the Texas plains, you’ll see two-story homes with a gabled roofline. This style has become a favorite choice and has drawn in many people to live here. White limestone is abundant, and many builders use the stone in home construction. Builders can also source other materials that are available in the area, such as dark wood. High open ceilings with exposed beams and rafters are popular along with wood floors. Exteriors built from white limestone are common and appeal to residents.

House interior rooms are typically open, large and spacious with limestone fireplaces and walls, wooden mantels and hard wood staircases. Using limestone accents in the interior integrates the inside with the outside of the home, maintaining the same style.

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Why do many people prefer custom homes over pre-made model homes?

Pre-made homes are convenient and might be quicker to move into, but there’s a trade-off involved. Although you know exactly what you’re getting, your home and your neighbor’s often incorporate similar appearances because the models only have slight variations. In addition, you sacrifice luxury and preferred features that would’ve offered customized functionality. For many people, building a custom home is worth the wait and expense.

Are you retiring and looking for your forever home? Do you want conveniences that make living easier? We can build you a home combining elegance with practical features that last.

Why Choose JT&I?

At JT&I, we tailor the building plans to meet all of your specifications. We listen carefully while you describe your preferences and offer our expert opinions. We also can discuss building options you hadn’t thought of that might enhance what you envisioned.

We are a family owned, family run business doing what we love to do, providing a high quality product. We believe your home should reflect the unique qualities you’ve dreamed about, qualities that match your tastes. Through our home building process, we go from one stage to the next until you have your dream home.



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