Your Floor Plan Should Reflect Your Choices

Designing a floor plan for your custom home requires making some basic and important decisions. The floor plan is your layout—the number of rooms in your house and where each is located in relation to the others. Here are some questions you should to ask yourself:

  • How will your activities flow from one room to another to best accommodate your lifestyle?
  • In which rooms will you spend most of your time?
  • Where will you entertain guests?
  • How many bedrooms do you want?
  • How many baths?
  • Are you considering having an outdoor living area or an outdoor kitchen?

The above questions also relate to other factors concerning your floor plan.

Home size

The square feet along with number of rooms, including bedrooms and bathrooms indicate the size of a house. Another factor is the lot size the house will sit on. Will your home be a one-story or two story house? How large do you want your rooms to be? Do you plan on having outdoor living spaces?

Your lifestyle

What will your lifestyle be like? Your children’s ages may be a factor when determining whether you want to group the bedrooms close together or spread them out. Would you prefer an open floor plan without walls, creating an open living room, dining room and kitchen? Even a small room can feel spacious with an open layout. If you have young children, open spaces also make it easier to keep an eye on them. If you entertain a lot, you can still easily visit with guests while preparing food in the kitchen.

However, if you value privacy or have lots of artwork to display on walls, you may not want an open living design. Open spaces don’t easily hide your messes in the kitchen or toys scattered everywhere. You can’t close a door to keep eyesores out of sight and may find yourself straightening up or cleaning more often to keep your living areas in order.

If you see yourself doing a lot of grilling and eating outdoors, then you should consider building an outdoor kitchen or living space.

Reaching the right decisions

There’s a lot to consider when designing the layout for your home, and this article barely scratches the surface. Before reaching decisions, put some time in doing research and looking over house layouts,. As you do, consider what details you like and what your needs are. You’ll get a sense of what is right for you.

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