The Many Benefits of Building a Home on the “Front Porch” of the Texas Hill Country

If you’re already a resident, you know the advantages of living in Bulverde, in the Texas Hill Country. Whether you’re a longtime resident, though, or only thinking about building a home here, consider these great reasons for living in or near Bulverde.

It’s an Outdoor Paradise

With ready access to the Guadalupe River and Canyon Lake, you’ll have breathtaking vistas in just about every direction. Go kayaking along the river or grab your rod and reel and cast for trout. The fly fishing is legend along the Guadalupe, and many neighborhoods offer easy access to both the river and Canyon Lake.

There’s Still a Lot of Property Available

Though the Texas Hill Country has seen substantial growth in the last 30 years, there is still a lot of undeveloped land available. It’s not that difficult to find beautiful lots with acreage. In addition, while the market value of property here is a little higher than in the San Antonio area and tends to retain its value.

The Schools Are Rated Among the Best in the State

The schools in the Bulverde area are all in the 80th or 90th percentile of schools across Texas.

The Commute to San Antonio Is Relatively Easy and Will Get Easier

The highway system makes it relatively simple for Bulverde to serve as a bedroom community for San Antonio. In addition, road construction planned over the next few years will expedite the commute. It’s currently about a half-hour drive from Bulverde to San Antonio, making it easy to work in the big city, but live in the beauty of the Texas Hill Country.

The Tax Rate Is Generally Lower than San Antonio and Other Nearby Locations

With about a 1.8% tax rate for most areas in and around Bulverde, your tax burden will be significantly less than in San Antonio.

Let the Pros at JT & I Show You the Advantages of Living in Bulverde, Texas

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