The Benefits of New Home Construction Over Buying a House

It’s time to move. Maybe your family is getting larger and you need more space. Maybe your last child has moved away and it’s time to downsize. You’ll have two basic choices—buy someone else’s dream or build your own…here’s why we think you should opt for new home construction:

  • The latest in fuel efficiency—New and cutting edge products are on the market now that can dramatically reduce heating and cooling expenses, including better insulation and more energy efficient windows and doors. Appliances, lighting, plumbing and electrical advances can also keep energy bills down.
  • Lower maintenance costs—21st century plumbing, HVAC electrical and structural components are all more durable and user-friendly than their predecessors, and often provide more of what you need for less money.
  • Floor plans that fit the 21st century—While older homes can have a certain amount of charm, there’s a lot of wasted space and it can often be difficult and expensive to retrofit them to accommodate modern conveniences.
  • The benefits of smart technology—An older home can be modified to accommodate some technological advances, but new construction can allow you to the benefit of smart technology
  • A house designed for your specific needs and intentions—There are naturally limits to the modification or customization of an existing home. With new home construction, you’ll have a clean slate and can expand your vision, limited only by building codes and the laws of physics.
  • More options for location—When you buy a home, you need to find a house that meets your needs in a location that’s satisfactory. When you build a home, you find the neighborhood and community where you want to be and build the perfect home there.

Let the Pros at JT & I Build You a Custom Home

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